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March 17, 2003
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your choice by thisign your choice by thisign
I did this because... well, you surely know why.
I know i'm late.. but i think its never too late. Never.

All profits generated from sales of this print, by both myself and deviantART, will be donated to an aid organization that provides direct help to civilian victims of the war in Iraq.

Thank you.

If you like you may freely use/show/post/print this, whithout any special permission, on the web or anywhere else, as long as you leave it as it is.

Renderings done in Cinema 4d, everything else in Illustrator.
Text partial taken and changed from: 'The Matrix' (C) Warner Bros.

UPDATE: I realized that my first font selection wasn't that good. I love the broken helevtica, but it simply doesn't looks very good on a big poster.

° thisign ° (03/2003)

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Daily Deviation

Given 2003-03-17
2nd feature for today. I wanted to share your choice by thisign with you, because you do have a choice, and you shouldn't let it be made for you without your consent. I also have a thing for images with pills in them. Go figure. (Selected by +ekud) ( Featured by ekud )
Seraphoid Featured By Owner Feb 22, 2010  Student Digital Artist
the blu pill!
Ancient-Hoofbeats Featured By Owner Oct 9, 2008  Student General Artist
You've been featured in an article called "More Precious Than Gold"! [link]
pineyed Featured By Owner Jul 5, 2008
InkxCore Featured By Owner Aug 12, 2007
sehr schön :-). allerdings hätte ich vielleicht die anspielung auf bush weggelassen und es passend zum text auf der frieden-packung gestaltet, der kerl ist zwar ohne zweifel ein riesenarsch aber die geschichte hat noch einen ganzen haufen anderer kriegstreibender riesenärsche hervorgebracht.
Kenjilicious Featured By Owner Feb 2, 2007  Professional Interface Designer
best piece of art I've seen since centuries. Well done <3 :+fav:
wearethegodsnow Featured By Owner Nov 16, 2006
Absolutely brilliant!
Tei-rei Featured By Owner Oct 6, 2006  Hobbyist Writer
Instant classic. Just add people.
xaphan Featured By Owner Jun 26, 2005   Interface Designer
eh, i don't agree fully with the message being given to the viewer here, mainly because you are mixing politics with emotion, which shouldn't always be the case.

i consider myself a super liberal, but i'm gonna have to say that ignorance does not breed war. it sometimes breeds peace because people refuse to stand up against passive opression and silent hatred.

if anything the piece made me think.

good job on that.
the 3d work is quite nice too.
NatureofMind Featured By Owner Jun 23, 2005  Professional General Artist
absolute and undying love for this work right here, love it
melih Featured By Owner Jun 20, 2005  Professional Digital Artist
Hey, I loved this one.
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